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Publish your requirements as a Contract Job to attract Quality Providers

Publish your job & let us know what kind of website you are looking for

Tell us about your website requirements, budget, reference website and etc. The more details, the better. After paying $5 of publishing fee, your job will be published to all Providers at Witmart for them to bid.

Why must I pay publishing fee?

  • Witmart only publishes authentic job needs. The publishing fee ensures that no junk information wiil be posted to our website, therefore authentic job like yours will attract quality service providers.

  • paid job attracts more Providers to submit their bids.

  • The publishing fee will be refunded if your job does not receive any bid.

Our Key Account Manager provides one to one service & recommends suitable Providers for you

It normally takes about 48 hours for our Key Account Manager to find multiple Providers deemed suitable for your job, you discuss with the Providers and hire the right one to work on your job.

Selected Provider works on the job & you only pay after checking through the results

After you have selected the Provider you want, you escrow your award amount with Witmart. When the Provider submits his/her work, you can check the work first before authorizing Witmart to release the fund to the Provider.

Witmart Transaction Guarantee Service, free escrow, no risk

  • Our Transaction Guarantee Service is completely free. Your award will not be transferred to the Provider before the job is done.

  • The prepaid award will be frozen in your Witmart account, until you have authorized its release to the Provider.

  • Risk free your website project

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