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Witmart Project Management

Publish your requirements, and the rest is taken care of by us!

Publish your job & let us know what kind of website you are looking for

Tell us your website requirements, budget, reference website and etc. The more details, the better. After paying $5 listing fee, your job will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager .

Our Project Manager provides professional consulting to help clarify your project requirements & work out an implementation plan

You will receive one-to-one service from your dedicated Project Manager, who will make every effort to understand your project requirements in-depth, and come up with a feasible implementation plan.

Project Manager implements project plan & you make payment in stages

After you have agreed to the project implementation plan, you prepay your job award with Witmart. Your dedicated Project Manager will start implementing the project according to the plan, and see through the whole project all the way till its satisfactory completion. You can choose to check the work result first before releasing the award to the Project Manager. Alternatively, you can choose to release the award in stages, according to prior-arranged milestones.

Witmart Transaction Guarantee Service, free escrow, no risk

  • Our Transaction Guarantee Service is completely free. Your award will not be transferred to the Provider before the job is done.

  • The prepaid award will be frozen in your Witmart account, until you have authorized its release to the Provider.

  • Risk free your website project

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