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Become a Premium Provider and Get More Business

Big Benefits, NO Monthly Fee

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Benefits of Premium Providers

  • Business - Simply get more orders

    ? Can be hired directly via your Witmart profile page    
    ? Qualified to sub-contract Witmart Project Management Jobs    
    ? Can create your Witmart Store to sell your services and products    
    ? Can get Employer’s contact information and communicate directly

  • Service - Simply focus on your business and let Witmart be your true partner

    ? Get Witmart recommendations for better jobs    
    ? 1-on-1 business assistance by Witmart customer services

  • Marketing Benefits - Simply easier for Employers to find and hire you

    ? Special ID for Premium Providers   
    ? Listed on Premium Providers Page and special recommendations to Employers

How to Apply

  • 1.

    Fill in application form

  • 2.

    Verify telephone and info

  • 3.

    Become a Premium Provider

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